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Alex Salmond ROASTED by Channel 4 host in heated clash for new Kremlin-backed TV show | UK | News

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Snow accused the former First Minister of Scotland of only taking the RT UK offer because it was the most money.

Mr Salmond has tried to play down a rift with amid the growing backlash over his new chat show.

Appearing on Channel 4 News, the former leader of the SNP, was challenged for his “hypocrisy”.

Snow said: “Listen to the hypocrisy in a man who had great respect in this country, going and selling his wares to a Russian entity, which is known to pervert the truth.

“Have you looked at some of the things that Russia Today says?

“Wouldn’t Scottish television give you a slot, wouldn’t they pay you enough? The Russians are paying you the most, why do you think they’re doing that?”

The Scottish politician tried to hit back and said his chat show was “his responsibility” and would not pander to Russian bias.

He added he was too much “hot property” for British channels.

He said: “My programme, the one that I’m producing, the one that I’m editing, is my responsibility. All I’ve got is a platform.

“The channel is the responsibility of Ofcom, how on earth can you licence a channel to broadcast and then complain it broadcasts.

“I was told that I would be too hot a property for the British television authorities.”

Mr Salmond has claimed there is no gulf between him and the current First Minister, despite his successor publicly condemning the decision to join broadcaster RT.

The network has been accused of sowing propaganda and “fake news” beneficial to Vladimir Putin’s regime.

Speaking on Friday Ms Sturgeon made it clear that she had been  since losing his Westminster seat in June.

She said he was free to do as he wished after leaving office but admitted “his choice of channel would not have been my choice”.

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