Home NEWS Joely Fisher reflects on the loss of her sister Carrie Fisher in new memoir Video

Joely Fisher reflects on the loss of her sister Carrie Fisher in new memoir Video

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Transcript for Joely Fisher reflects on the loss of her sister Carrie Fisher in new memoir

We are back with joely fisher, actress, comedian. Half scissor of the late Carrie fisher out with a new memoir to reveal what it was like growing up fisher and being part of Hollywood’s famous family. It’s been nearly a year since the passing of your sister Carrie and your own mother had a stroke as well. How are you doing? How is the family doing. I think we’re moving through it with grace. I think that every day is a reminder, you know, Carrie and Debbie’s images are everywhere and waiting for another new movie but what I tried to do with the year was sort of excavate what my life was about and really try to put my soul into the pages of this book in honor of them and in honor of my own mother and I feel like I did that. You dedicated the book to girl power basically to your mom, your daughter, your sisters and the women of the world. Why is this for them. It’s almost like I don’t like boys. And I do. You know, I didn’t realize as I was writing it so the dedication came later, but I really feel like a lot of the stories that I tell and we run the gamut in the book, it’s little treasure, little, you know, consume them however you like one at a time however you like. I realized it was about rising above anything that life throws you. I have, you know, the anomaly of having a 21-year marriage in this industry. That’s incredible. Congratulations. And, you know, you write about growing up in a fish bowl literally. Your mom, you write had an affair with — I mean excuse me, yeah, had an affair with Elvis Presley. Your sister was princess Leia. How did you emerges from a family like that — I can’t even imagine what that would have been like. I call it the fish bowl because it literally was like onlooker tapping at the glass to see, are they dead, are they — how do they swim? Ooh, that one is really pretty and literally was like we crafted a stroke so that y’all would be like, oh, she’s cute. Or not. Or, you know — Or funny to distinguish yourself. Yes, or you’re watching us fail at things too. Or watch us grieve or watch us, you know, go up and down ain weight or anything. To do all of that in the public eye is a trip. I know. Well, I was lucky enough to interview Carrie right before her passing. She brought Gary the dog with her and was quite the comedic relief. I posted that interview by the way, it was a pastor class. How is Gary doing, by the way? You know what, Gary is making appearances at comic-con still. I mean literally is living with Carrie’s assistant and doing well. Joely fisher, thank you very much. The book is a very powerful incredible read, “Growing up fisher” is out right now. Go get it.

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