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Kanye West Knew He’d Marry Kim Kardashian Way Before He Proposed, According To Diplo

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Add “psychic” — or at the very least, “intuitive as hell” — to the list of attributes that make up the complicated genius of Kanye West.

For TBS’s Storyville, Diplo recalled a particularly star-studded evening with West at New York’s Mercer Hotel, which the rapper had more or less booked out as his HQ for the making of 2011’s Watch The Throne. Diplo was put to work to come up with some beats, Jay-Z was around, and the Olsen twins showed up to casually consult on what Diplo was making. But the more memorable moment rom that hangout was Kim Kardashian‘s entrance — or specifically what West said about her after she left.

Diplo’s contribution to Watch The Throne was going miserably, but his return to the Mercer to finish up the song involved a run-in with T-Pain, along with some prophetic declarations from their host. Kardashian was still married to Kris Humphries when she popped by the Mercer, by Diplo’s retelling, but that didn’t stop West from planning their nuptials.

“He says, ‘Guys: I’m gonna marry Kim Kardashian, I’m gonna be president one day, I’m gonna be a fashion designer.”


Considering his presidential aspirations, the success of his Yeezy enterprise, and his happy marriage (and growing family), guess this means Diplo witnessed West’s psychic vision firsthand. (That, or he got a sneak preview, as West’s determination made most of these dreams come true from that moment forward.)

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