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Mom of 3 Who Lost 279 Lbs. Frustrated by Her Loose Skin

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Mikki Costa lost a whopping 279 lbs., but she’s still “disgusted” by her body because of her excess skin.

The mom of three from Allentown, Penn. feels like she can’t celebrate her weight loss because of her “flapping” skin.

“I have a six-pack under here, but I can’t show it off,” Costa, 32, says in this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode of Skin Tight, as she moves around the skin on her stomach. “It’s completely empty. There is no fat in here. It’s not fair for me to have this skin when I’ve worked so hard. I’m not able to see myself as being a fit, young person because of the skin. I still see myself as being overweight, and that’s a feeling I’ve had my whole life.”

Costa says that her weight gain started as a child, because of her transient life.

“Growing up, we were in the military so we moved around a lot,” she explains. “I ended up not really having many friends, so there was this constant feeling of loneliness, and I as I got older, I started putting on more weight because food was my only friend. I hit 300 lbs. at 20 years old.”

Mikki Costa

Mikki Costa

And after Costa became pregnant with her first child, her weight continued to soar thanks to her fast food and soda addictions, which meant she was consuming close to 10,000 calories a day.

“After having my son with my first husband, I gained more weight, and I hit my highest weight of 399 lbs. I was the most depressed that I’ve ever been, just because I couldn’t do anything with my son,” she says.

It was her son that pushed Costa to ditch her bad habits for good.

“I will never forget the day of me sitting on the chair and Gage wanting to play with me. I said, ‘No I’m sorry honey, Mommy can’t.’ I was tired and there’s this giant cup next to me, some sort of soda of course, and I’m telling my son I can’t get up and run and play with him because I’m tired, when in actuality I’m just fat. It was my turning point. I thought, what have I done?”

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But now, though she’s lost the weight, Costa still isn’t happy.

“I am completely disgusted by my skin. It just hangs off of me. I can hear my skin flapping against itself,” she says. “I won’t be a normal person until the skin is gone.”

Skin Tight airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on TLC.

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