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Prince Harry Should Have Flown To Mexico To Protect Meghan Markle’s Dad

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Melanie says the royals left Thomas open to the possibility of outside persuasion because they didn’t engage him early enough when Meghan and Harry first got engaged. 

“I think that this is a man who felt that he had nobody else to turn to. Paparazzi was able to swoop him, give him a solution to his problems and he accepted that,” Melanie explained. “I think if the royal family had been more involved and actually gone out there and really properly briefed him — and not over the phone, which is what I expect would have happened — but flown to Mexico said to him, ‘We are your support network. If anyone approaches you from the outside, call us, come to us, we’ll fly you to England, whatever it takes.'”

Thomas was outed earlier this week for staging paparazzi photos that painted him in a better light. He reportedly didn’t want to portrayed as a recluse living in Mexico and thought that accepting payment for more flattering photos would help him. The backlash toward the situation was swift. He also reportedly suffered a heart attack following the media attention since his daughter’s engagement. 

Thomas told Access on Tuesday that he was in the hospital. He told TMZ that he was going into surgery on Wednesday and would not be attending the royal wedding. 

“It is kind of like ‘Keeping Up With the Markles.’ And I’m calling it the Markle debacle,” Melanie added. “I  do  think that there are things that could have been done.”

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