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Stacy London Unblocks People on Social Media After Blocking Clinton Kelly

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What Not to Wear‘s Stacy London is living by that “new year, new me” motto by unblocking some of her social media followers in an effort to forgive and “let things go.”

The stylist revealed in an Instagram post that she’s been thinking a lot about forgiveness lately and decided to let go of grudges. “It occurred to me that taking action like blocking people in order to feel some sense of control over other’s actions is a waste of my time.”

She continued: “I can’t stop people from the way they behave. I can’t stop them from being angry with me, hurtful to me, or indifferent to me. I can block ex-friends and ex-lovers, people I feel wronged by, but to what end? For the most part, these people aren’t even looking at my accounts in the first place and even if they were, why would being able to see this highlight reel of my life matter in the slightest?”

So she made the decision to forgive. “Forgiveness is something you give yourself to move on, to find peace, to let go,” she wrote. “So I unblocked a bunch of people today. If this resonates, maybe you can too. ❤️”

She was quick to explain that just because she’s hitting that “unblock” button, it doesn’t mean she’s ready to be BFFs with them again. “I’m sure you’ve heard this 1000x before but it hit me: forgiveness doesn’t mean things are reparable. It doesn’t mean I can have these people back in my life or want to (though I don’t discount the possibility that maybe some day I will.) It doesn’t even mean I’ll tell them.”

Word’s still out on whether her most famously blocked Twitter follower, her What Not to Wear co-host Clinton Kelly, finally got un-blocked. Back in November Kelly shared a screenshot of a notification informing him that he’s been “blocked from following @stacylondon and viewing @stacylondon’s tweets,” captioning it, “Alllll righty then.”

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Afterward, he shared his reaction on The Chew. “It seems juicy, but it really isn’t that juicy,” he said. “It was like getting a little slap in the face – I was like, ‘What is that all about? Why, and how, and when?’”

Clinton Kelly Reveals Stacy London Blocked Him on Twitter: ‘Alllll Righty Then’

While they always jokingly bickered on their hit show, he says there was no ill will in real life. “The tea is, there ain’t no tea,” he explained. “I literally don’t know if she blocked me yesterday, or a year ago, a month ago … But I’ve got no beef with Stacy at all.”

If you’re waiting in anticipation to see if Kelly’s Twitter ban has been lifted, you’re going to need to have patience. He hasn’t tweeted since November and admits in his profile that he’s “rarely on Twitter.”

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