Home NEWS Business UK firms missing out on £100bn by ignoring tried and tested tech, says CBI 

UK firms missing out on £100bn by ignoring tried and tested tech, says CBI 

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A CBI study, titled “From Ostrich to Magpie”, found the UK had a small contingent of highly productive firms at the cutting edge of new technologies, and the best ­management techniques.

Britain has more of those leading firms than France of Germany. But they only employ 5pc of the workforce. Aside from those top performers, ­Britain also has far more unproductive companies than its continental rivals. Almost 70pc of UK workers are ­employed by firms where productivity is below the median. By contrast, only 65pc in France and 60pc in Germany are in such firms.

“Proven technologies like cloud, mobile, e-purchasing and cyber security – all technologies that the best firms are already using, and some of the tail of low productivity firms are not,” said Ms Fairbairn. The proportion of firms adopting cloud computing in 2015 was 30 percentage points behind Europe’s leading nations, she said.

“The UK is a decade behind Denmark – the proportion of companies with e-purchasing, enterprise resource planning [systems] is below the level where Denmark was in 2009.”

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