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UK weather forecast: Meghan Markle set to bask in sweltering heat for Prince Harry wedding | Weather | News

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The meteorologist detailed Saturday will be marked by an area of high pressure that will send temperatures soaring, providing perfect conditions for the royal wedding and the FA Cup final.

He said: “Saturday will begin with high pressure slap bang in the middle of the British Isles, there will be a lot of fine weather with some cloud around in some south-eastern areas and a bit more cloud coming into the north-west but in between there will be lots of sunshine.

“So if you are getting married for example on Saturday afternoon or if you are heading to a football match it is going to be a very pleasant day.

“It will be 22C in the south-east of England with the sunny skies.”

However, Mr McGivern stated cloud will cover parts of the north-west as a new weather front approaches the nation.

He went on: “However some additional cloud will come into the north-west that is associated with a weather front which is going to push cloud and rain into parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland for the second half of the weekend so it will not be quite as settled as we end the weekend in the north.

“Outbreaks of rain on Sunday will be accompanied by a cool breeze, but for England and Wales we keep a lot of fine weather on Sunday.”

The Met Office has warned frost could greet Britons on Thursday morning before temperatures sharply rise to highs of 17C.

Mr McGivern forecast: “Perhaps a touch of frost as we begin Thursday but it will soon warm up, there will be strong sunshine up and down the country once again and the sunny spells will continue virtually everywhere well into Thursday afternoon.

“A fair bit of cloud will start to build in parts of Scotland, particularly western Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England.

“But there will barely a cloud in sight across southern areas, a stark contrast to Wednesday.

“It will feel warm in the sunshine with light winds although it will be fairly fresh down the east coast once more.”

Temperatures will sharply cool during the evening before a new weather front covers the UK on Friday that will bring further sunshine and blistering heat.

The meteorologist commented: “Thursday night will be a repeat performance, cloud disappears and temperatures fall away and again some sheltered spots will have a touch of frost as we begin Friday.

“High pressure will be in charge of the weather as we end the working week.

“A new weather front will edge close to Scotland as we begin Friday, that will bring additional cloud, a freshening breeze and for some there will be outbreaks of rain, especially in the Northern Isles later on Friday.

“But for most we end Friday with long spells of sunshine once again and warm temperatures.”

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