YouTube vs YouTube Premium: What are the differences and which one should you choose?

YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform in the world, with billions of hours of content uploaded every day. You can watch anything from music videos, tutorials, documentaries, comedy, gaming, and more for free on YouTube. However, if you want to enhance your YouTube experience, you may consider subscribing to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music. But what are the differences between these two services and which one is right for you? Let’s find out.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a subscription service that offers a range of benefits for YouTube and YouTube Music users. For a monthly fee of $11.99 (or less with an annual, family or student plan), you can enjoy the following features:

  • Ad-free and background play: Watch videos uninterrupted by ads, while using other apps, or when the screen is locked. No more annoying interruptions or waiting for the skip button.
  • Downloads: Save videos for when you really need them – like when you’re on a plane or commuting. You can download videos to watch offline on your mobile device, desktop, or enabled TV.
  • YouTube Music Premium: Download the new music app and listen to millions of songs and playlists without interruptions. You can also access exclusive content and recommendations from YouTube Music.
  • YouTube Originals: Watch original shows and movies from some of your favorite creators and celebrities. You can find comedy, drama, action, horror, and more genres on YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium is available in over 100 countries and regions12. You can sign up for a 1-month free trial to see if you like it. Free trial is for eligible new members only and recurring billing applies after the trial period. You can cancel anytime if you change your mind.

If you love watching YouTube and listening to YouTube Music, YouTube Premium is a great way to enhance your experience and support the creators you love. You can learn more about YouTube Premium and start your free trial here:

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a music streaming service that uses YouTube as a backbone. You can listen to millions of songs and playlists from various genres, artists, and moods on YouTube Music. You can also discover new music based on your tastes and preferences. YouTube Music is free to use with ads, but if you want to unlock more features, you can subscribe to YouTube Music Premium for $9.99 per month (or less with an annual, family or student plan). With YouTube Music Premium, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Ad-free: Listen to music without ads interrupting your flow.
  • Offline: Download music for when you’re low on data or can’t get online.
  • Background play: Keep the music playing even when you use other apps or turn off your screen.

YouTube Music Premium is included in YouTube Premium, so if you subscribe to the latter, you don’t need to pay extra for the former. However, if you only care about music streaming and don’t need the other benefits of YouTube Premium, you can save some money by opting for YouTube Music Premium instead.

You can learn more about YouTube Music and start your free trial here:

Which one should you choose?

The choice between YouTube Premium and YouTube Music depends on your preferences and needs. Here are some questions to help you decide:

  • Do you watch a lot of videos on YouTube or just listen to music?
  • Do you mind seeing ads before or during videos or music?
  • Do you want to download videos or music for offline viewing or listening?
  • Do you want to watch original shows and movies from YouTube?
  • Do you want to access both services on all devices or just on mobile?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then YouTube Premium may be a better option for you. You will get all the benefits of both services for one price and enjoy an ad-free experience across all platforms.

If you answered no to most of these questions, then YouTube Music may be enough for you. You will still get access to a vast library of music without ads and with offline and background play features.

Of course, you can always try both services for free for one month and see which one suits you better. You can cancel anytime before the trial ends if you don’t want to continue.

We hope this article helped you understand the differences between YouTube and YouTube Premium and make an informed decision. Happy streaming! ????


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