Cruise ship preps to set sail with first at-sea roller coaster Video

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Cruise ship preps to set sail with first at-sea roller coaster Video

Transcript for Cruise ship preps to set sail with first at-sea roller coaster

exclusive, the brand-new cruise ship about to set sail with its own roller coaster. Will reeve is on board in port canaveral, Florida, getting ready to take a ride. I can see you on the camera. You look a little nervous, my friend. Yeah, I hear you laughing, Cecilia, so what’s that all about? Is it too late to mention that roller coasters and heights aren’t really my thing? I guess it is too late because I’m about 200 feet in the air on a cruise ship and this is a roller coaster I’m about to ride on national TV. This is the “Mardi gras” setting sail tomorrow. Carnival says it has an emphasis on safety and on fun. This morning, a one of a kind ride ready for takeoff. Ready. Bolt. Reporter: Bolt is the first ever roller coaster at sea debuting on the highest deck of carnival’s newest ship “Mardi gras” making its maiden voyage tomorrow. We sit around and try to come up with great new guest experiences and why not, a roller coaster on the ship. Reporter: The launch delayed for more than a year after the pandemic brought the cruise industry to a halt. Now it’s set to sail the high seas, variant Cal hoping its new features and safety procedures on board will draw back passengers. We’ll bring guests on for the very first time Saturday working with the CDC as things evolve and change to ensure that our number one priority is protecting the health and safety of our guests and our crew. Reporter: Just this week at least two passengers on celebrity cruise ships tested positive for covid-19. In both instances the passengers were removed from the ship and no other positive cases were found on board. Carnival says they require 95% of guests on board to be vaccinated in accordance with the CDC and encourages masking for unvaccinated passengers who have to take multiple tests before and during the cruise. As the delta variant spreads do you expect you might update your policy regarding vaccinations. If things need to change because of the variant we’ll adjust. We’ve been adjusting for 17 months but the main thing is we have restarted sailing, guests have just had great cruises. Lots of positive feedback and our crew just can’t wait to welcome guests back. Reporter: Jeff and sherylynn say they can’t wait. We’ve been cooped up like everybody else has and cruising was our way to get away. Reporter: Okay, I’m on the thing. I’m strapped in. I guess it’s time to bolt. Let’s go, Bruce, send me out here, I’ve got a camera here. Let’s do it. All right. So hopefully you guys can hear and see me. The top speed on this thing is 40 miles per hour. We’ll go a little slower because I asked them to so it doesn’t look too crazy on TV but you get a 360-degree view. There’s port canaveral. Mini golf course below. Again, we’re on top. It took years to build. This coaster was assembled in Germany then put on the ship in Finland so really a global effort as we go downhill and my stomach drops, guys. We’re about halfway through feeling okay so far. Hope you doubled up on the dramamine. Right? Okay, this is what we’re seeing, lots of fun here on the playground. That looks like a water slide. The great expanse of the atlantic ocean here. Let me turn the camera around. There’s everyone waiting for me back at home. Oh, we’re turning. Oh, that feels good. Drops out of nowhere. We’re coming around the dark side of the moon here. This is carnival’s — I’m blown out by the sun but this is carnival’s famous funnel that you recognize anywhere and as we go 200 feet in the air — 200 feet in the air. Voice cracking. If we ask him to kick up the speed, will. Crank it up. Yeah, no, I cut all your coms except of to me. Thank you for being a good sport. That’s what happens when you get that assignment to Venice. We pay you back. That’s right. Limu Emu… And Doug.

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