Florida man faces eviction over emotional support squirrel

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A man with post traumatic stress disorder is being threatened with an eviction notice for keeping an emotional support squirrel in his Florida apartment .

Ryan Boylan, who developed PTSD after a car crash, saved his pet squirrel Brutis after Hurricane Matthew.

“Ever since then I mean, oh my God, I can’t imagine not being around her,” he told WFLA as Brutis ran up his leg and perched on his shoulder.

But when the management company at Island Walk Condominiums in Clearwater found out about Brutis in April, the condo board filed a complaint against him and the property’s owner.

Exotic animals are not allowed in the apartments, according to the board. And Boylan never received approval from the association to keep an emotional support animal.

In a letter written in July, Boylan’s doctor Scott E. Murphy prescribed an emotional support animal, writing, “The presence of the animal(s) is necessary for the emotional/mental health of Ryan Boylan because its presence will mitigate the symptoms he is currently experiencing.”

Boylan is fighting back against the condo board with the help of the Office of Human Rights, which cited the Fair Housing Act.

The law requires landlords to make accomodations for assistance animals regardless of restrictions on pets.

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