Global migration crisis: What solutions do politicians have? | To The Point

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They are desperate. They have little choice. They are escaping from war, persecution, and even the effects of climate change. In search of a better life, they are taking up dangerous journeys. Their hope is to find a more promising future...

However, this hope often leads to crowded refugee camps, as we've recently seen in Lampedusa, where an increasing number of refugees endure harsh and inhumane conditions. A similar situation unfolds at the US-Mexico border, where many face the grim reality of not being recognized as asylum-seekers. The host countries appear overwhelmed and are increasingly showing a harder stance in their approach. Even the most expensive deals are not able to stop the tide of illegal immigration.

So, on ‘To The Point’ we are asking: Global migration crisis: What solutions do politicians have?

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0:00 Opener
01:15 Why are more and more refugees are entering the US and Europe?
03:20: Is it time to change the refugee policies?
03:40 Europe does not have any strategy in place to deal with the migrant crisis.
05:40 Who are the people risking their lives and coming to Lampedusa?
07:50 Europe must wake up to the refugee crisis.
09:40 The right populism in Europe is exploiting the refugee situation.
10:50 How smugglers and traffickers are bringing refugees to Europe.
12:10 People in Europe do not want any more migration.
13:00 EU politicians only have empty slogans to deal with illegal immigration.
14:00 The EU does not have any solution for the migrant crisis.
16:00 Is UK’s pushbacks policy working?
17:30 The public opinion is changing in Europe.
18:20 Germany cannot deal with the migrants anymore.
20:00 Lampedusa: Europe is losing control.
20:30 We need to discuss, what kind of society we want to live in.
21:50 How is Great Britain dealing with the migrant crisis?
24:00 Europe needs to revisit the refugee policy.


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