ICU nurse describes toll of working amid pandemic Video

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ICU nurse describes toll of working amid pandemic Video

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Transcript for ICU nurse describes toll of working amid pandemic

My name is police across Diane thank heaven icy and are so we’ll explain where. I have worked in the cabin IC. The U. Pretty much the whole pandemic. Your have two years now. I can say today was probably next emotionally. Hard day. Since the pandemic started. The delta way that we’re seeing you know people are younger. And sicker. And we’re anticipating and losing people that are my age and younger. People with kids that are action things that are never gonna see their kids graduate. They never gonna meet their brains yeah. Plus like my daughter came to be a fourteen year old makes me. She came to me. So some mumbling need to pray remember and carrier. And her prince. Actor and I think hero. And one of my alcohol. I was drilling thing. I’ve been urged to know. If you can’t get your people home they’re kids. Will be Portman. Airports in your own accord. Any end. Another big company pushing it back call us. In all of wife yeah. This. Killed. The nurse and a loan. Thanks. That word things haven’t been backs. Insisted that there are some blanket hell. And people. Aren’t taking advantage of yes we have seen people that have been acts amendment. But they usually go home. To raise their kids. It. Hiker banner they’re like. I can’t X. Flying. That billing and it. Everything court everything and it’s not a and lynch and. Don’t think. Could’ve gotten back some panic.

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{“duration”:”3:00″,”description”:”A Louisiana nurse shared the emotional toll of working in the intensive care unit throughout the pandemic, saying, “We’re losing people … that are never going to see their kids graduate.””,”mediaType”:”default”,”section”:”ABCNews/US”,”id”:”79180172″,”title”:”ICU nurse describes toll of working amid pandemic “,”url”:”/US/video/icu-nurse-describes-toll-working-amid-pandemic-79180172″}

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