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Resident astrologer Natasha Weber shares a monthly horoscope for every star sign, for August 2021. What have the stars written for you?

The Sun and matchmaker Mercury create a romantic date night for single Rams. Expect to be swept off your feet by a lover that instinctively knows how to please you. Lap up the attention but remember that trust must be earned; until then, reserve your right of refusal. Be wary of smooth talkers that don’t back their words with actions. If Mr Right proves worthy, then and only then should you hand out a free pass to your heart. Couples share a beautiful moment of connection and understanding during an intimate conversation, but don’t assume you know everything there is to know about each other. Discovering surprising little details that make your other half tick keeps the passion alive. Uranus’ retrograde on August 20th reviews a money matter. A past expense, debt or loan offers brilliant insight on how to generate more disposable income.

Tell your crush how you feel, Taurus. Mercury activates your love zone, putting the right words in your mouth. Chances are, they’ll reciprocate with equal interest, but if not, at least you’ll be free to redirect your attention. Holding onto unrequited love keeps you in a state of limbo and emotional detachment, which isn’t healthy. It’s make-or-break time for your love life, but you’ll win regardless of the outcome, provided you don’t stick your head in the sand. The same goes for couples. If you’re doing all the give with minimal take, it may be time to gaze upon greener pastures. Uranus’ retrograde in your sign encourages you to explore your wild side. Ever wanted to dye your hair, cut it in a radical new style or get a tattoo? August is the month to go for it! You’ll care very little about what other people think because the cosmos gives you the green light to please no one but yourself.

Slay procrastination with August’s new Moon. What are you contemplating, Gemini? Until now, you may not have felt ready to take the first step despite the urge to smash your goal. Well, there’s good news! The time has come to bite the bullet and finally make progress in this area. Because you have the Universe’s support, things fall into place perfectly, and as they do, you’ll understand why it took so long to reach your target. Nervous about what to say and how to proceed? It just means that you care about the outcome. Feel the fear and do it anyway! Mercury takes care of bits and pieces around your home. Start with the room most in need of fixing up and go from there. Your mum might need a hug, so lavish some love on her. Life gets super busy but don’t let that stop you from telling her how important she is.

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August’s full Moon wraps up a money matter, and you couldn’t be more relieved. While you may not become rich, seeing the back of it is enough to make you do a little happy dance. Whether you pay off a loan, debt or bill, it’s a massive weight off your shoulders. Afterwards, take a look at your finances through unburdened eyes. What can you do to grow your money tree from here? Put your faith in investments that are a sure thing. Get-rich-quick schemes need not apply, just solid, reliable returns. Venus slides into your home zone by mid-month, inspiring you to spruce up your sanctuary, and yes, your home must be a sanctuary, Cancer. If you haven’t already, create a relaxation nook. Decorate it with special mementos like photos and sentimental ornaments that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling every time you look at them. Organise a cosy family gathering and take time to reconnect with a beloved aunt, sister or grandmother.

La Luna begins a brand new cycle in your sign, giving you the thumbs up to kick off a project, launch a business proposal or start a new relationship. Nevertheless, be a smart cookie and don’t jump in the deep end without testing the water first. Set yourself up for success in the first week of the month by doing your due diligence. Research the potential pitfalls of a project, plan proposals to the nth degree and do background checks on potential partners. It wouldn’t hurt to put your feelers out about a new friend, either. What do their close contacts say about their character and trustworthiness? August’s full Moon puts a contract under your nose in the form of a digital document, paperwork or a verbal agreement. Prioritise your personal needs, and don’t rush to sign on the dotted line. Although it’s reasonable to consider the needs of those closest to you, ask yourself how the Ts&Cs benefit you.

Happy birthday, beautiful Virgo! As the Sun begins another spin around the zodiac, you welcome a new chapter. Embrace uncharted territory with open arms, and don’t be afraid to try new things. For couples, this means letting go of what hasn’t been working by approaching challenges from a fresh angle. Look at your situation from a different perspective, and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. You’ll do your best work together, as a team. Are you investing your heart with little return? In that case, think about what type of future relationship you want. It’s not worth continuing to bang your head against a brick wall. A much better alternative is to pour all that energy into yourself until a worthy sweetheart comes along. By month’s end, Mercury dances into your money zone, freeing up extra cash for you to spoil yourself, Virgo.

The love planet enters your sign on August 16th, inviting you to an enchanting occasion. Dress up and show up Libra. It’s time to sparkle! Venus gives the gift of beauty, adoration and glamour, so go all out to impress. Something or someone holding you back? The only thing that has the power to do that is you. Boost your confidence by having a chat with an outspoken friend, and listen up when she tells you how wonderful you are. Singles connect with a sweet soul that has a heart of gold. Don’t miss an opportunity to find happiness because you’re attracted to the bad-boy type. Taken Librans are feeling the love. Although, you might be having some second thoughts about your relationship. Is your partner your one true love? Questioning your choices is a healthy part of self-reflection, so don’t sweat it. August’s full Moon sees a creative project to fruition. You should feel super proud of yourself.

La Luna activates your career zone on August 8th, ushering in the winds of change. A professional upgrade in the form of a raise, promotion or an entirely new job description is on the horizon. Take full advantage of this stellar opportunity by knowing what you want rather than vaguely hoping for a better alternative to land in your lap. Adding detail to your daydreams helps to manifest your desires. If that’s too airy-fairy for you, write an ambitious list of your goals and pin it somewhere visible. Read it every day as if you’ve already mastered everything on that list. By month’s end, set aside enough time to recuperate. You’ll be fantasising about an exotic escape that may not eventuate, but don’t let that stop you from reclaiming your zen. Discovering different ways to relax and rejuvenate is half the fun.

Are you ready to step it up, Sagittarius? Do I hear a “hell yeah!” Well then, prepare to put your nose to the grindstone. What you desire requires effort, and you may need to back yourself financially too. Still hungry to smash your goal? Great, then you’re ready! But if you’re hoping to hit high heights without putting in the hard yards, you’d better crawl back to the couch. Sorry to give it to you minus the sugar coating, but if anyone can handle brutal honesty, it’s you. Thanks to Mars’ link with the Moon’s Node, you’ll be taking the plunge or cutting your losses by mid-month. Still, you don’t answer to anyone but yourself. Do what makes your heart sing and forget about fulfilling other people’s expectations. August’s full Moon enlightens you with a piece of information or news. Use what you learn to improve yourself, either mentally, emotionally or physically. This slice of knowledge empowers you in more ways than one.

August promises personal transformation, but first, figure out where you want to implement change. Many Goats instantly know the answer. However, some of you may find it challenging to put your finger on it despite a little voice inside your head that’s telling you something isn’t quite right. This month’s new Moon provides the perfect conditions to move in an improved direction. Become the master architect that designs your ideal life. Start by eradicating what’s no longer serving your highest good, and take baby steps from there. Money matters are on the up-and-up thanks to the Sun’s link with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and prosperity. You may have to work a little harder for your pennies, but at least you’ll have an opportunity to generate more income. Venus smiles upon your career zone, crossing your path with a dazzling woman with big ideas.

On August 22nd, La Luna ripens in your sign for the first and only time this year, helping to mend your heart. The saying time heals all wounds isn’t exactly true. Sometimes, it simply conceals resentments while you become increasingly numb as time rolls on. Take back your power by finding the courage to look past pain in the eye. In doing so, you’ll work through a lingering emotional issue and free yourself from what you may not have even known was holding you back. Hallelujah! Uranus does a backflip in your home zone, which causes one of two things. Either your family life becomes a bit topsy-turvy, or a relative surprises you with wonderful news. Some feel overwhelmed by juggling parental responsibilities with work duties, and the trick to surviving the chaos is to remain flexible. Structure and routine get thrown out the window this month, but is that so bad?

August’s new Moon inspires you to amp up your fitness routine, improve your diet and increase hydration. This month, you’re focused on glowing from the inside out. Address all the basic wellness advice but pay particular attention to your sleep routine. Be honest, Pisces, are you plonked in front of your computer while surfing the net or late-night shopping? The blue light from your screen may be disturbing your body’s melatonin production, which can disrupt much-needed zzz’s. From August 23rd, the Sun thaws out frosty relationships. Fish that have fallen out with their sweetheart, best friend or coworker sort things out, leaving you both wondering what the fuss what about in the first place. Whether you’re single or taken, remember that the right partner brings out your best. In contrast, the wrong person does the exact opposite.

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