Social media is calling for the noble bin chicken to be the 2032 Brisbane Olympics mascot

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Such is the bin chicken

Also known as the ibis, the bin chicken is the unsung icon of the Australian ecosystem and is relatively unknown outside of Australia. Now, the citizens want to share this feathered friend with the rest of the world.  

Last night, the International Olympic Committee announced Brisbane would host the 2032 Games. Forget the fact the capital city of Queensland ran unopposed, it’s news that was met with raucous celebration, including a fireworks display, and cheering from a small crowd who had gathered to watch the live feed from Tokyo.

It’ll be the third time Australia has held the games, with Sydney in 2000 and Melbourne in 1956.

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But of course, discussion on social media quickly turned to the most important question: Who or what will be selected to represent the city of Brisbane as the Games’ official mascot? Social media has but one nominee: The Noble Bin Chicken.

Also known as Threskiornis Molucca, the Australian ibis is a ubiquitous beast of the avian variety, often spotted rummaging through rubbish.

Its penchant for savaging through human waste tarnishes its naturally white features with greyish city scum and stinky bin juice.

The native species (contrary to popular belief, it’s not a feral introduced species, nor does it originate from Egypt) was once rare in urban areas, but it’s become a common sight in many cities across the country since the ‘70s.

For the obvious reasons I just mentioned, Aussies across the country are advocating for this noble creature to receive the nation’s second-highest honour, next to the Coat of Arms.

If the people have their way, this majestic fowl will join ranks with Olly the kookaburra, Syd the platypus, Millie and echidna, and Lizzie the frill-necked lizard, who were the mascots of the Sydney 2000 Games.

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