The perfect 30-minute Pilates workout if you sit all day

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Stuck at a desk job all day? Relax tension while getting an ab and glute burn with this Pilates workout you can do from the comfort of your living room – zero equipment needed.

Whether you’re currently working from home, finding yourself sitting for longer periods of time than usual, or you just need a great workout to break up your day and to boost your mobility, give this workout a go.

This convenient 30-minute Pilates flow has been designed to create length and to tone your muscles whilst opening up the body to leave you feeling both worked and refreshed.

It begins by opening the front of the body and moves quickly into an ab and glute burn. You’ll get a balance of work through your whole body leaving you feeling strong, long and lean. The best part? All you need for this workout is a mat and a small amount of space.

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30-minute Pilates workout if you sit all day

This workout takes around 30-minutes. Move through these exercises at your own pace and be sure to stop if something doesn’t feel quite right. Make sure you sip on water throughout your session, and fully rehydrate afterwards. Try and practice Pilates at least three times a week for great results or to break up your day as your work from home.

1. The Shoulder Bridge

Use this to warm up the spine and to create length from the head to the tailbone.

Picking up your vertebrae one at a time, rolling up the back, opening through the ribs and hips. Move slowly at first, taking time to connect with each part of the spine. As you get warmer, start to hinge at the hip, and thrust the hips upwards to create a burn in the glutes and hamstrings.

2. The Hundred

This exercise is not only great as a warm-up for the breathing and front of the body, but it can be used anywhere in your workout to give the abs an unrivalled burn.

Bringing your chin towards your chest, as if you are holding a peach in between them, draw the rib towards the hip and belly towards the back. Legs can be long or bent in the table-top position. Pump your arms up and down, long from the shoulders.

If you need to put one hand behind the head or drop the legs down to the floor to assist you, no problem, do what feels right within your body.

3. Side kick

This is a great little burn for the side of the body. The supporting arm is getting a great workout holding you in this space, whilst your underneath waist starts to really fire up lifting you away from the floor.

Aim to keep your foot at hip height as you move it forward and backwards. As you come into the pulses, angle your big toe down to the floor, hang your foot like it’s a rag doll and put a softness into the knee. Move your leg slightly forward if you don’t feel enough in the side of the glute.

The aim here is to keep stable and solid through the supporting arm without slumping down, as well as lifting up that underneath waist.

4. The Plank

This is such a great exercise, to work the entire body.

Set your hands up directly underneath your shoulders, spreading your hands across the mat. Keep stable in your upper body, as you lengthen your legs behind you and squeeze into your bum. Lift your belly button up towards your back. Keep as straight as you can in your body, trying not to drop your head. This is a great exercise to finish off any workout, hold for as long as you lose your form.

Take it down to the knees if you need, or forearms if the wrists get sore. It’s always important to listen to how your body is feeling.

5. The Mermaid

This stretch feels divine. It opens-up the whole side of the body, reaching into the shoulder and up to the hands. The hips get a chance to settle into a great position for your body.

Sit with the legs in a z-sit, with one leg angled to the side and the opposite foot up against the inner thigh. Pull the ankle in towards you as you reach up and over towards the opposite knee. Create as much space in through the rib cage as you can by breathing fully in through the nose and out through the mouth. Enjoy.

6. Thoracic rotation in a 4 point kneel

Enjoy a nice cat/cow stretch to start, by rounding and softening though the back at your own pace. Then taking the back of the hand place it in the mid back, elbow out to the side. Breathing in through the nose, then as you exhale rotate and open-up through chest and shoulder. Repeating as many times as you like, gradually getting further around. Make sure you change to both sides.

This workout was created by Jaime Lake-O’Dea, founder and lead trainer of The Spring Collective. Jaime has also created TSC On Demand – a living room-friendly online portal delivering Pilates workouts. For more information, head here or follow The Spring Collective on Instagram @thespringcollectivepilates.

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